The Influence of Culture On Food

I often hear people talk about the kind of food they like for example, Chinese Food.  Well, I started thinking about it recently as my mom was looking at blogs full of a variety of recipes and I couldn’t helped thinking that each food is influenced by culture and family.  Whenever someone asks me if my mom makes real Chinese food, it got me thinking that it doesn’t exist.   My logic is that the world is very diverse and everyone is a mix of different culture whether is family related or country-related.  An example would be my mom and I were born in the city while my dad and his parents were from the rural area.  Both of my parents have different ways of celebrating holidays.  Therefore, I would be a mix between traditional and casual cultures.

Well, not only did it got me thinking about Chinese Food, it also got me thinking about other food, too.  I hear people say they like American Food all the time but I think is that American Food is just a mix of other culture’s cuisine such as European Cuisine.  After all, the population of the Americas were based on immigration from other countries and continents.

Foods that many people claim is American is actually originated from Europe but after generations of mixing and adding and subtracting ingredients, it became a whole new creation.  One of the foods I found that people claimed to be American is the bagel.


Did you know that Bagels is originated in Poland?  It was invented in Krakow, Poland during the latter 16th century and early 17th century.  The bagel soon became a staple food of the Polish National diet.  Also, the original bagel was not round!!!   Hmm, I didn’t know that.  Then, slowly, the bagel made its way to London and soon North America and the rest of the world.  Today, bagels have morphed into the shape we know and love; thanks to revolutionists.

Another one is pizza, now this one, while most people know that it came from Italy, they don’t know that it was revolutionized also.  I seen the pizzas ordered in an Italian Cafe, it looks nothing like the pizza that I see here.  The pizza in Italy looked like a flat bread with fruit and vegetables on it unlike here where is mostly cheese and meat.  Again, thank the revolutionists for revolutionizing the pizza from the healthy way that it was originally.

Last but least, readers, tell me what comes to your mind when someone say they like a specific kind of food (e.g. Chinese Food, Mexican Food, Italy Food, etc).

6 thoughts on “The Influence of Culture On Food

  1. Australian food, like food in the US has origins elsewhere. It was just English style food until mass migration from the meditteranean began in the 1950s. We have adopted the food of the new cultures living here, and I think, kept it reasonably authentic.


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    I wrote this very first post based on an idea and I needed to write a speech for my Toastmaster Club. Anyway, below, I present to you the first post I’ve ever written, The Influence of Culture on Food


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