The Accident

69-07-july-20th-2014Ten-year-old Logan had just finished soccer practice and was waiting for his mom to come pick him up. His favorite new red soccer ball rested under his arm while his duffel bag sat on the ground. Logan blew a breath of air, checking left and right for his mom’s minivan. That’s just like her, he thought. Always late. 

5 minutes later, he became impatient and bored. So he decided to practice his kicks. He let the ball drop and caught it with his feet. Then he began juggling the ball up and down, bumping it with his knees and feet. After a minute  or so, the kicks became higher and higher and the places it landed were getting unpredictable.

The ball went as high as his head and Logan bumped his head forward, hurling the ball into the road. “Oh no.”

Glancing left and right to make sure no cars were heading his way, he sprinted out onto the road. Just as he picked up his ball, out of nowhere, deep bass boomed and a car sped toward him. His feet froze in place as he tried to move. He heard the screeching of the brake but was too late, he’s been thrown 30 feet back and fell unconscious.

10 thoughts on “The Accident

  1. Oh no! I hope he’s going to be okay. You have to write another story to continue on with this and let him be okay. Well written, I could see it all happening.


  2. I can smile about this because I have the outcome in my mind. Last week, my son’s friend ran out between parked cars and was catapulted into the air. He was placed into an induced coma, but he survived with just broken ribs and leg injuries. He is back home now and well awake. So I think the kid will be fine. A good way of telling the story and showing why you shouldn’t play beside the road


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