Unlikely Food Pairs

“There is no such thing as too much.” My step-dad told me long ago when I apologized for putting too much blueberry in my muffins. It might be true in this case but it may not be for other scenarios. Sometimes, too much of one thing over another might just form an unlikely pair.

In the recent years, my mom has developed a craving for coconuts. She puts it on everything she bakes, cakes, muffins, you name it. The thing is, this isn’t sprinkle on top kind of thing. She dumps half pound of shredded coconut into the bowl for 12 muffins. It’s ridiculous! It’s too much!  Some 20 minutes later, the muffins come out, I take one bite. It’s over-sweetened and it’s like eating shreds of paper because of too much coconut. It almost made me develop a fear for coconut.

Another food pair mom has developed in the recent years is vinegar and potatoes. She cuts the potatoes into sticks and marinades it in vinegar before stir-frying it under high heat. This wasn’t so awful when I made it. The problem with mom’s version is she douses the potatoes in too much vinegar and not enough salt and sugar, making the end result taste like hot pickle. Yuck. Sour food, that is the last thing I need to eat for dinner.

That’s probably why I prefer to cook the meals myself because I happen to care about proportions unlike mom. When I cook, I make sure that each ingredient is balanced and not one ingredient is over-powering the other. That’s the way to cook, isn’t it?

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