81-10-october-12th-2014“What are they doing to our home, mommy?” Jane asked her mother, Helen. They stood across the road, next to them was everything that they could carry.

“They’re destroying it.” Helen replied coldly as the bulldozer claw collided with the building.

That morning, as Helen was getting ready for work and Jane was getting ready for school, a man banged on their door, ordering them to gather their belongings and get out. The building’s getting demolished.

She asked him why but he didn’t answer. He was hurrying through the hallway warning the others. Jane was running the toothbrush across her teeth when Helen ran back into the apartment. Jane looked at her mother, her large brown eyes full of curiosity. “Come on, sweetie, hurry. We need to leave.”

Jane was confused, “Why, mommy?”

“Just do as I say, okay?” Helen snapped as she ran to the dresser and began piling clothes into suitcases. “It’s illegal,” she muttered, “Evicting us like that.”

“I’m done, mommy.” Jane said a minute later.

She pulled a jacket out of the dresser and pulled it over her daughter. “Gather all your books and get ready for school, okay, sweetie?” She said as she ran the zipped up Jane’s jacket. “Don’t leave anything.” Jane nodded and a few minutes later, both of them almost tumbled out of the building just as the bulldozers were powered up.  

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