House of Relics

86-11-november-9th-2014Continued from Art, History, and Flirtation

“Miss Chanel, it’s nice to see you again. Come in.”

Chanel steps into Pascal’s apartment. “The same goes to you, Dr. Ravens.” She smiles.

Pascal’s apartment is full of relics from prior to the Great Quake. It’s as if he has lived in both eras. “Come, sit.” He points to the sofa.

Chanel looks around the apartment. “I see you take your job seriously.”

Pascal tilts his head. “Job? Oh no.” He chuckles. “I am fascinated with this stuff. I’ve been ever since I was young. Each and every item in this apartment tells a story.”

“How did you come upon this stuff? I mean some of this must be hard to find,” she points to the chandelier in the corner, “like that.”

Pascal laughs and winks. “Oh, you’ll find it. You just have to know where to look.” Pascal gets up. “Excuse me, I have to check on dinner.”

Chanel nods. She gets up and walks to the desk by the window. The name, “Pascal Thomas, 2014” is etch in the wood. Her brows furrow. But it’s 2170, she thought.  She fumbles for something with his handwriting and compares it to the name on the wood. It’s so similar that it could have been done by the same person. Okay, something’s strange is going on, she thought.

“I’m sorry, Dr. Ravens.” She shouts. “Something’s come up, I have to go.”

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