Accidental Kill

bike_detour_at_library_randy_mazieContinued from The Dancing Sculpture

“Of all the places, why did you want to meet here outside the library?” Nora asked.

Samuel eyed the man leaning against the pole by the bike. “Why did you had to join them?” He asked. “You’ve joined the wrong kind of Guardians.”

She laughed, “Wrong kind? How would you know?” Samuel opened and closed his mouth. “Ah, you listened to Dominic, didn’t you?”

“You can’t prove anything.” He snapped.

She laughed again. “Sure I can. Light Guardians cannot kill innocents. I dare you to kill that man right now.”

Samuel clenched his fists and his jaws stiffened as his eyes bore into Nora’s. “I am not going to do that.”

She smiled. “Oh, but you just did.” He looked and saw the man was no longer standing up but lying face down on the grass.

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