Trapped Under the Snow

Okay, if I ever go skiing, I would probably have checked the avalanche danger report before I leave the house. Also I probably would not go up that giant mountain. I guess I just don’t have guts. Besides, I get really panicky under situations like that or any type of situation even misplacing a pencil.

But since I can feel my creativity kicking in, I will just go with this silly scenario that I suddenly feeling daring and the excitement got to me that I procrastinated on checking the weather or the avalanche danger report before I boarded the ski bus and headed up the mountain. So here’s a bit of flash fiction for ya:

Oh, my head. I open my eyes and spots of light dances before me in the dark. I slowly try to move my head but can’t, I’m stuck. 

The last thing I remember is skiing down the mountain trying to outrun a cloud. At least my hands and feet are warm. My heart is pounding out of my chest right now, I need to calm it. 

Deep breaths, in and out, you can do it, I encourage myself. There you go, you’re doing it. I wish I can see the time on my watch but it doesn’t look like I’d be rescued anytime soon at least not today, it’s getting late. I begin to feel regret that I’ve come here at all. 

Why didn’t I check the weather before I left? Why didn’t I make sure there is low or no avalanche danger before I rode the tram up here? Why did I have to pick the afternoon to go skiing?

Ugh, I’m so stubborn sometimes. I hate that about myself. 

I can feel my hands shake inside my gloves, it’s getting cold and so are my feet. Meanwhile, another voice in my brain says, stop scolding yourself.

It isn’t your fault that you forget to check all those things before you left. It’s easy to get caught in the excitement of skiing. I know, it’s exhilarating and adventurous, just remember to prioritize next time. 

Great the encouraging voice is silent. The only thoughts that remains are my own. The only thing to do now is to close my eyes and try to preserve whatever energy I have now and pray to make it though the night. 

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