Mr. Pig Meets Turtle

“Hello Turtle, what cha doin’?!” Fifer Pig asked curiously.

Turtle stopped in his tracks and glanced up at Fifer. “Oh, just building myself a new home.”

Fifer scratched his head. Around Turtle’s legs was a rope and behind Turtle was small piece of wood. It would take forever, wouldn’t it?

“Hey, how ’bout my brothers and I help build you a new home? One that not even the wolf can blow over.”

“Really? You would do that? For me?” Fifer nodded happily. “Gee, thanks.”

“Just let me go talk to my brothers. I will be back as quick as lightning.”

A short while later, Fifer and his brothers, Fiddler and Practical, trotted down the same path on which Fifer met Turtle earlier. “Hiya, Turtle.” He greeted happily when he found Turtle a little ways from where they met.

“Wow, you really are lightning fast.”

Together, they made their way to Turtle’s small plot of land. Fiddler examined the land. “We shall build you a wooden abode, what cha think?”

“No, we shall build him a brick mansion.” Practical Pig said.

“How about a straw hut?” Fifer cut in.

“I am fine with any one.” The turtle replied. “Though I do prefer wood.”

“Then wood it is!” Fiddler Pig said triumphantly. He put on his glasses and quickly drew out a blue print. When he finished, he held up the design and admired it. “Ah, now that is a fine house.”

While Turtle gathered material, the Pigs waited. Fiddler Pig was so eager to get to building the house that he repeatedly checked his watch. After a long while, he grew worried. “Boy, what is taking so long?”

“You don’t think the wolf has captured Turtle, do ya?” Practical Pig asked.

“Gee, I hope not.” Fifer said.

It was then Turtle returned, behind him towed a small piece of wood. The Pigs looked at each other and frowned. “Thank you Turtle.” Fifer said and Turtle returned to gather some more wood.

Practical Pig sighed. “We have to help him, do we?”

“He’s too slow,” Fiddler Pig complained, “we will never build this house.”

Fifer nodded. “Let’s go gather supplies.”

Together, the piggies quickly gathered supplies and by the time Turtle returned with his next small piece of wood, the house was already half done. “Wow,” he admired, “have I gather this much already?”

The Pigs smiled and nodded. “We just need one more piece.” Fiddler pointed out to Turtle.

“Then I shall return with that piece in due time.” Turtle replied happily and slowly trotted off to gather the last piece of wood while the piggies continued on building the house.

“Ah, finished.” The Pigs stood, admiring on their work complete.

Credit: Flickr

“Wow!” Turtle appeared behind them with that last piece of wood. “It looks lovely.” He walked up to the house and frowned. “What do you need the last piece of wood for?”

Fiddler Pig took the small piece of wood and brought it to his workstation. He grabbed a knife and etched a phrase onto the wood. Then he nailed a piece of rope to the wood. Together, they walked back over the door, he hung what he had just created on the bit of nail sticking out of the door. Then they stood.

Turtle smiled delightfully at the phrase etched on the wood:

Home Sweet Home

That was exactly how he felt.

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