Mondays Finish the Story: Published

2015-02-23-bw-beachamThe old typewriter had a mind of its own, I tell ya.” Grandpa said pointing at the photo. “I was never good at writin’. In primary school, it took me forever to write just a short teensy composition with my chicken scratch and all. And then my father got this old thin’ and boy, let me tell ya, I can write a novel with this thin’ without even tryin’. It’s like this thin’ knows what I was thinkin’.”

“Wow, it must had been pretty remarkable.” I took the photo in my hands and admired the typewriter.

Grandpa stood up and left the room. A few minutes later, he walked back into the room and dropped a thick pile of paper onto the table. I stared at the top page. All it read was “By: Frank Grable.” I turn to grandpa. “You wrote this?”

He nodded. “And it is my dream to see this thin’ published one day.”

Each week, Mondays Finish the Story challenges our minds by providing with a picture along with the first sentence for us to finish the flash fiction with 100 -150 words based on the picture above. I’m right on the dot for this one. 150 words, no more, no less. 


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