333Where am I? Mimi dazedly watched the stranger staggered off in a zombie-like way and looked up at the house. Her eyes widened. What in the world happened here? Her hands flew to her mouth.

Her parent’s house was completely vandalized with toilet paper and eggs. The windows and doors were splattered with egg fluid while toilet paper hung on every branch of the large tree in the yard. Did I do that?

Hurriedly, she fled and didn’t stop until she shut the door to her apartment five blocks later. Along the way, she dug deep into her head to remember what she did today.

She remembered waking up to the brilliant sun streaming into her room. She remembered her friend, Sandy, calling and Mimi’d agreed to go shopping. They’d ended up shopping in an antique shop because Mimi had swore she saw the skeleton couple’s heads move in the window display. After that, her mind went blank like she had fallen asleep and was just now waking up.

She frantically unzipped her leather purse to search for her phone but it’s not there. Her purse was completely empty except for two pairs of green eyes staring at her. Hands shaking, she pulled the skeleton couple from the purse.

(~200 words)


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