My Special Thursday Lunch

I’ve been itching to write this post all afternoon. Honestly, I thought I would’ve gotten home like more than two hours ago but no, my orthodontist decided to make me wait. So I was sitting in the hallway outside his office for more than an hour before he called me in. Also, the traffic hadn’t been cooperating the entire day today. I wonder what’s going on that is making everyone go out today.

Anyway, oh yeah, this post. Now, I don’t usually write about recipes and food on here since my mom never really lets me cook anything but she’s gone until Saturday night. So I’m on my own. 🙂 Today, I came home early and had no idea what to eat for lunch. Noodles, vegetable, and meat was getting boring. So I made myself this…

20150326_122234 1

Looks good, huh? It is ham omelette with a side of asparagus. It’s not exactly call lunch but I have to get rid of the eggs and asparagus as per my mom’s request. What else can I do?You know I hate to waste food.

So these are the ingredients…

20150326_115556 1

  • Asparagus (how many is your choice)
  • 2 – 3 eggs
  • Ham or Spam or can of luncheon meat
  • Salt
  • Cooking Oil (doesn’t matter)
  • Cooking Spray

Here’s how to make it: (please note, I’m not a professional chef and I’m clumsy when it comes to cooking but I still like it)

20150326_115820 11. Crack the eggs in a bowl, add a pinch of salt, and beat it like you would if you’re making scramble eggs or omelette. Place it aside.

20150326_120251 1

2. I took 8 asparagus spears out of the bunch. Like I said, it depends on the number you’re serving and how much you want. I cut away the end and split into two. Oh, and don’t forget to wash the asparagus before cooking.

20150326_120520 1

3. That is about a third of a block of luncheon meat that I just cut away. I will reserve the rest for later. Again, it depends on how much you want. I was very hungry so a third of a block it is. You can wrap the rest in a plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for later like this but do eat it within 24 hours.

20150326_120610 1

20150326_120857 1

4. Dice the meat. My dicing is not exactly perfect. I’m still trying to overcome my fear of knives after what happened to me. Anyway, dice to the best of your abilities.


5. Add a few drizzles of oil and put in the asparagus. Then add a tiny bit of water, enough to fill the bottom of the pan along with a pinch of salt to taste, like in the picture. In a different skillet, grease the skillet with cooking spray and add in the eggs along with the luncheon meat. I don’t know what’s going on with my camera, all my pictures are coming out weird and blurry today.

20150326_121407 1

6. Place a lid on the asparagus and let it steam on high for about 5 minutes or until it’s tender. Turn the heat to medium for the eggs and when the sides begin to curl, fold it in half like a taco. When it’s ready, flip the eggs and let it cook until it’s no longer watery. Then plate and serve. Enjoy. 🙂

20150326_122200 1

Are you hungry?

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