Ephemeral Flower and Sunrise

For this week’s photo challenge, I actually had to look up the word, ephemeral, in the dictionary. I’m still developing my vocabulary, you see. According to dictionary, ephemeral means…

Last a very short time; short-lived; transitory

So this is what I’m doing for this week’s challenge.

DSCF9754 2

Tulips, especially the ones in our front yard, are pretty short-live. These bulbs are 4-5 years old. We need to get new ones. I tweaked it a little with photoshop, made it look a little clearer but it seemed like I made the mulch look clearer instead, oh well.

DSCF9751 2

This is sunrise on my front porch. I also tweaked this photograph with photoshop. I sharpened and brightened it which brought out the snow on the mountain as well as the trees.

Now I wonder, did I overdo it with photoshop for these two pictures? You tell me.

10 thoughts on “Ephemeral Flower and Sunrise

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