Surprised (Very)

I suppose everybody has a tagline, a short phrase or slogan that describe who we are, what we do (occupationally) or just something that sums up what we are individually, kind of like a brand or logo. I used to have no tagline of my own but I acquired one two days ago. Okay, I’ll tell you about it now.

About two months ago, after seeing and listening to people raving and booing about twitter, I finally opened a twitter account. I didn’t start using it until two days ago, as a curious little experiment and as a way to ditch my Facebook “friends” who basically ruined the term social media for me.

After joining Facebook for eight, nine years (wow has it really been that long?), no one liked the pictures I posted or read the things I’ve written. The only time my “friends” talked or, in this case, messaged me was on my birthday. Each time, we just go back and forth twice maybe three times.

They’ll say, “Oh, I missed you. Are you coming back to Cali anytime soon?” Um, I’m in school. Do I look like I have the time to travel? They’ll replied, “Oh, well I missed you,” and that’s the end of the conversation.

Anyway, I wanted to start fresh, I don’t want the situation over at Facebook ruin social media for me, too late. So I turned to the other source for social media, twitter. I didn’t know, I still don’t know how to use twitter, how to read tweets, and so on. The short-hand notations and the hash-tags are driving me nuts.

Anyway, I finally went on after two months and posted my first ever tweet, possibly to let the world know I’ve finally registered for an account.

I wasn’t expecting anyone to read that or even follow me but just for the heck of it and because everything on twitter is about shortness, I posted a few more.

I completely set up my profile and even connected this blog to the account and set up the widget in my sidebar. You see that below? That’s my tagline. It said to write a bio but come on, in that tiny space?

I am a blogger, a writer, an engineer, and a will-be accountant.

Well, that basically describes what I do.


Then something unexpected happened. Monday morning, I woke up and checked my stats on WP, 5 followers for twitter. I could feel my eyes bulge as I did a double-take. For some of you out there, it’s not a lot. To me, it’s a lot just like it’s a lot for me to have over 700 subscribers on this blog.

Just now, I checked again, 28 followers and all of them are associated with writing. Most of them authors and writing club. You can tell, I’m still very surprised myself.

17 thoughts on “Surprised (Very)

  1. Yay! That is so cool that you are on Twitter now! I was wondering if you were. I will follow you, too. You’re right, there are lots of great writing accounts to follow, and fun contests, and games. I’ve made some really good friends through Twitter. 🙂

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