50-dollar Gas

335Melanie pulled her car into the dusty parking lot. Museum of Anything and Everything, the sign read. She slammed the car door and stepped into the air-conditioned building. Immediately, she was greeted by a gray-haired man behind the counter. “Howdy!”

Melanie smiled. “Howdy to you too.” She coughed. “Where are we?”

“You’re in the charming town of Silver Lake, New Mexico.” The man spoke with a cowboy accent.

“How far away is Albuquerque?”

“Oh, about 200 miles.” He pointed to the map on the counter.

Melanie’s eyes widened. “200 miles? Wow, I’ll need some gas, don’t I? You know the nearest gas station?”

The man laughed. “Missy, there are no gas station ’round here. Tell you what, you tour my museum and I’ll give 5 gallons of gas.”

She raised her brow. That’s too good to be true, she thought. “What’s the catch?”

He laughed. “There is no catch, just pay the admission, walk around, give my collection a gander, and I’ll give you 5 gallons of gas. That’ll insure you make it to the next gas station 100 miles away.”

“And how much is admission?”

“50-dollars.” Melanie’s jaw dropped, that’s 10-dollars a gallon of gas but then again what choice does she have? She sighed and handed a 50-dollar-bill over and went to first exhibit, the collection of license plates.


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