Andie and Suzie

102-04-april-26th-2015Andie ran the brush through Suzie’s mane. “I feel bad for you. Day after day, just being here, all alone with no one to ride you.” Suzie nodded his head in agreement.

Andie’s been feeling the same disappointment and misery herself ever since she arrived at her Aunt Susan’s ranch. She was spending the summer there. The moment her parents told her, she practically saw herself riding Suzie, jumping obstacles with Suzie, and doing everything with Suzie.

The moment she arrived, she asked Aunt Susan. “Can I ride Suzie?”

“Of course, just not today, okay? We have to run some errands. Maybe tomorrow.” Andie nodded eagerly but at the same time, she felt disappointed.

Days, weeks went by and still Aunt Susan had kept Andie busy and away from Suzie. That was until that afternoon when Aunt Susan fell asleep on the couch. Andie crept out to the stables. There, she brushed Suzie, talked to Suzie, and finally hurled the saddle over Suzie’s back. Slowly, she climbed on and rode out of the stable.

They went to the vaulting ring and then faster and faster, Suzie ran in circles. “Whoa, Suzie, slow down.” Andie screamed. She couldn’t hold on any longer, her hands were slipping.

(~205 words)


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