Monday’s Finish the Story: Mommy’s Gone Crazy

2015-04-27-bw-beacham“Are you laughing at me?

Peyton stares out the window while his twin, Greyson, lounges on the sofa staring at his comic book.

“Mommy’s gone crazy.” Peyton says.

“Nah, she’s just being mom.”

“She’s talking to plants.”

“Really?” Greyson says sarcastically.

“Don’t you find it weird?”

Greyson shrugs. “She’s done it before. Don’t you know that?”

“No, I wonder what she’s saying to the pea pods. She looks so angry saying it.”

Eh, probably just proving she can grow something.”

“What’s there to prove? If it grows, it grows.”

Greyson shrugs again and closes his book. “Well, that’s the end of that. Wanna go do something fun?”

“Like what?”

“Anything’s more fun than you sitting there watching mom talking to plants.”

“What’d you wanna do?”

Greyson holds a disk in his hand. “How about this?” Peyton shrugs.

“Boys, you know better than to play before dinner.” Their mother says, standing by the patio door.

(150 words)

Each week, Mondays Finish the Story challenges our minds by providing with a picture along with the first sentence for us to finish the flash fiction with 100 -150 words based on the picture above.  


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