The Afterlife

103-05-may-3rd-2015He could feel the heat from the sun as his senses finally came back. He had no idea how many minutes, hours, or days had gone by. The darkness was fading. He was waking up.

He opened his eyes and the first thing he felt was something crawling on his wrist. As he sat up, the grasshopper immediately fell to the ground.

He looked around at the familiar landscape. He was in the park a block from his house. He was sure of it. He stood up, brushed the dirt from his clothes and straightened his leather jacket. What the hell happened? He wondered looking around.

He watched the children playing at the playground and the parents sitting on the benches gossiping. No one noticed him. It was as if he was invisible to them.

Tired and exhausted, he leaned against the largest tree in the park but just as his body touched the tree, he fell instead. When he looked up, the tree was on top of him. He wanted to scream but the shock got the better of him.

Just then a screeching scream dragged him away from the park and directly to the source. The woman who discovered his rotting body.

(~205 words)

On each Sunday, a new photo is used as a prompt in a flash fiction challenge, writing a short story around 200 words or so based upon the photograph. Oops, 5 words over again! Darn!


16 thoughts on “The Afterlife

  1. Oh, dear, this is well written but ….Oh, dear! My Christian view of afterlife is comforting, exciting, and filled with good. Likely no grasshopper in sight, except as displayed in Heaven’s Earth Museum! Now, Yinglan, that is something you can use as a prompt. You are very good at taking a prompt and running with it. Try it out – Heaven’s Earth Museum.

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    1. Thank you. Heaven’s Earth Museum? That’s an intriguing idea. From the creative writing point of view though, I’m often obsessed with writing the in-between world because that’s more excited. Interesting prompt though, I shall see about it. 🙂


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