T-shirt and Sweatpants

Today’s prompt asks: How important are clothes to you? Describe your style, if you have one, and tell us how appearance impacts how you feel about yourself.

clothesI feel so much different today. Mainly because I spent 12 hours yesterday finishing up the translation for my work. In less than 13 days, I have worked 81 hours and translated over 8000 words! That’s just about the length of my WIP!

All the same, what do you mean by how important are clothes to me? Of course it’s important! Otherwise, I might as well be walking around naked.

Style, on the other hand, is not at all important to me. I dress for comfort. Therefore, my style would be loose clothing like a t-shirt and sweatpants or a pair of comfortable jeans. That is if I have to go out, of course. At home, it’s typically sweatpants plus a t-shirt.

In a little while, I will be going to work at the cellphone repair shop (my other job) and probably will complete the project today or tomorrow. How am I dressed? A gray t-shirt and imitation jeans.

What are imitation jeans? They are pants that look like jeans and feel like jeans but it’s got elastic band in place of button and zipper. It’s much more comfortable than regular jeans. At least, these hold up unlike my regular jeans which keep slipping every five seconds even with my belt in place.


My mom just found out our neighbor’s daughter is getting married in a couple weeks. That explains the booming racket that was outside my window two nights ago. It was her daughter’s bachelorette party. I had wondered what was going on that night. Because of my mom’s snooping, we are now invited to the wedding.

The last wedding I been to was a Chinese-American wedding. The bride wore a traditional white with red floral pattern at the bottom of the dress. If you don’t look carefully, you would think someone spilled red wine or blood on the dress. That red bit was groom’s mother’s arrangement. Red means lucky in Chinese culture.

Me? I was uncomfortable the whole time. My stomach was growling and I felt like my shirt and pants were glued to my body. Meanwhile, my mom had spent the entire time criticizing how fat I was.

That’s why I don’t like to go any formal event especially with my mom and that’s probably why I’m dreading this wedding. It means I have to be uncomfortably dressed again in tight clothing that expose my every flaw.

19 thoughts on “T-shirt and Sweatpants

  1. Yinglan! Stop It! Stop it! Stop the body shaming! You are too good a person to be down on yourself like this!

    I’ve walked into many a story and said, “Help me, I am fashion challenged!” Their job is to make you look and FEEL good in your clothes. If you felt like your shirt and pants were glued to your body, then they weren’t a good fit.

    Do it, I challenge you to walk into a department store, an outlet store, Lane Bryant, whatever….and give your body to them. Let them pick out the size for you. Try on everything and anything they put in front of you- you don’t have to buy it just because you tried it on. You might be very surprised with how good you look in something you thought not possible.

    So what, you have a few extra pounds. . We all have something!

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    • I tried that once with a friend and that was about 20 pounds ago. It wasn’t very fun. All the clothes I tried on was either too baggy or too tight and I was the one picking them out. I think I just have to go to the park and run a few laps everyday before I do this again.


      • Oh no, then you went to the wrong stores! There are stores for all types and sizes!!! Get pants that fit your hips and thighs, then take them to a seamstress (usually the dry cleaners) and they can fit the waist and length to your body. Do you think they don’t make clothes for you?

        I like Brooks Brothers but their pants don’t fit me at all….so I go elsewhere….so should too! I applaud you wanting to lose a few pounds but you can dress your size too!

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      • I went to Ross last time and unfortunately, that was before my mother became a hawk, figuratively speaking, always watching where I go etc. I think my only chance to do this again would be in the destined future when I get my own place.

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  2. Ha Ha! You just described me! I too am one to wear clothes for comfort and I absolutely hate wearing anything uncomfortable. It just isn’t worth it! In fact, I am renewing my vows in July and guess what I am wearing? Shorts and a tank top! Why… because we are going to be in a National Park in Utah, hiking up some mountains to get to our destination. There is no way I’m wearing a dress! Plus it will be over 100 degrees during that time of year. Dress for comfort! Always the best way to go! Who cares what everyone else does! 🙂

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  3. Yinglan, as usual you entertain me. I’m glad you see the necessity of staying covered! But you really should listen to Elizaberrie. Maybe not for the shopping tips if you feel you can’t handle it, but she is right on in telling you not to be so hard on yourself. Many of us out here have the same problem. I’ve always disliked the way I have let myself be so overweight…but when I look at problems other folks have, I am just thankful that I’m not carrying the burdens many other folks have.

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