Happy Saturday, everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. Today, I would like to reflect on poetry since I don’t write much poetry anymore. I write mostly stories now.

Not long after I discover music, I began writing lyrics. I didn’t want to show them to anyone. My lyrics were extremely personal. It was a reflection of the current moment and often it was of anger and sadness.

It wasn’t long before my step-father discover I have been writing poems. Although he had only discovered one, he treated it like gold. I watched him read it over and over and each time, his eyes would grow wide. He told me it was excellent though I wasn’t sure if it was comfort or the truth.

The poem he discovered was called “Forgiveness.” I’m sure I still have it somewhere in the basement but this is not what I want to share today.

I want to share this poem/song I wrote a few years ago. It is call “Change(Tomorrow).” It’s kind of silly as I had written in the midst of the presidential campaign in 2008 when the word “Change” was written everywhere.

This was also the first poem I posted on, a website I used to post my work to before wordpress. I did not get a good reception on this poem. Not only I got two stars out of five but one of the comments really hurt my feelings. It said, “My mom taught me if I can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Then why did you have to anything at all? Just to insult me? To make me lose my confidence?

Therefore, I am posting it here and how about you tell me in the box below. Is this really as awful as the comment says?

Your yesterday is gone
But your today is here sooner than you think
You wish you haven’t got everything wrong
And you wish you can make all the bad go away
And you say

Things are going to be okay
It will all change

Your today is gone
And you have made no commitment
To bring changes
Oh and you just kept on saying that

Things are going be all right
It will all be bright

Day and day went by
You just sat behind your table
Waiting for changes to come to you
You say, “It’ll be okay”
And I say “it’ll be okay when you start making changes for yourself”
And you say starting tomorrow

Things are going to be all right
It will all be right
It will all be bright
It will be the day when I set thing right

7 thoughts on “Change

  1. I think it’s a very expressive, honest poem. That’s what art is all about. “My mom taught me if I can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” is neither constructive criticism nor an appropriate comment. I always delete comments like this. It’s just a trigger reaction from something in their life. Don’t let this affect your writing muse, because your muse comes from the heart. Your blog is to share your heart with the world, not to be pulled into other people’s issues.

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