Jessie’s Childhood Things

105-05-may-17th-2015Continued from Lost in Thoughts

Well, the storm finally stopped and with Sammy outside with dad, mom and I can finally get to unpacking. I spent the day unpacking my room and the kitchen while mom spent the day unpacking the dining room and the living room. It wasn’t easy at times especially with mom’s heavy china. It was delicate and heavy and at the same time, it’s not very appealing. Sometimes, I wonder if mom’s radar for fine thing is broken.

After lunch, I came back up to my room to finish typing my journal entry when I discovered an unopened box in the corner. Hmm, I thought I’ve opened all the boxes already. Maybe I had missed this one. “Jessie’s childhood things,” was written on the box.

My childhood things? I don’t remember packing this box and I’ve packed every one of the boxes in my room. Quickly, I scoured my desk drawers for a pair of scissors and ran it through the middle of the box. I opened the box and saw that toy ice cream truck, my hands immediately flew over my mouth to stop the laughter from erupting but it’s too late. And now I can’t finish this entry.

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6 thoughts on “Jessie’s Childhood Things

  1. I wonder why she found the sight of the toy ice cream van so funny. Was it because she recognised it … or not? Perhaps it brought a funny memory to mind? Intriguing, Yinglan. Well done. 🙂

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    1. It’s mostly based on my own reaction. When I see something from my past, be it a toy I once played with or even something I wrote, I would giggle. I guess nostalgia does that to me and some people. Thanks for reading. 🙂

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