Finish It #15: Online Dating

Her head was hurting. She tried to open her eyes, but her eyelids seemed so heavy. She could hear voices, like from afar. Her mouth was dry and she could not lift her arm. What had happened? Where was she?

kidnapped-image-390x285The worst part was she had no recollection of what had happened from when she woke up this morning. “Hey hey, wake up.” Someone tapped her cheeks. She moaned groggily.

“Dude, how much did you give her?” She heard another voice said. Sounds Hispanic, she noted. There was no answer. She’s guessing the other guy just shrugged.

Someone slapped her cheeks again. “Hey, wake up.”

With all her strength, she opened her eyes to two blurry figures in front of her. “What happened? Where am I?” She said slowly in a coarse voice.

“She needs some water, dude.” The Hispanic man said.

“Who’s torturing who here?” The other snapped but judging by what happened next, she’s guessing the Hispanic man won. “Here,” the other man tilted her chin and poured a bottle of water down her throat. “Happy?” He asked and she knew he wasn’t talking to her.

The man crushed the bottle, tossed it aside, and stood back. His arms were crossed and a tough expression occupied his face like a dumb bulldog. As she sat here, she finally knew why she couldn’t lift her arms. She was tied to a chair. How dare they kidnap me? She thought but she knew that in this situation, she had to behave the opposite as their expectation. Calmly, she cleared her throat and asked, “Who are you?”

Both of them blinked in surprise. “We can ask you the same thing. What is your connection to this guy?” He shoved a picture in her face. It was Leonard. Ugh, this is the last time I do online dating. 

She shrugged. “Just been on a couple dates.” How did these guys knew about her and Leonard? She wondered. Oh right, the internet. Do these guys even know who she is? “Guy’s a total nut.”

“How so?” Asked the Hispanic man.

Oh I’m going to have so much fun turning the table on these guys. By the end of this, they will be sorry for messing with the wrong gal. Reaching for the watch on her right wrist, she pressed the center button. FBI will be here any minute. Turning her attention back to the Hispanic man, she scoffed and put on her best act. “The guy’s a total douche bag. He takes me to an expensive restaurant and makes me pay for the meal.”

The Hispanic man gasped while the other man was already becoming impatient. He grabbed a syringe from the nearby table. “Okay, that’s it. Time for the big sleep.”

“What?” The Hispanic man shrieked. “She’s our only source to finding him!”

“She’s playing us, man. Either way, you know I’ll kill her.” He came around and stood behind the chair. “Time for you to say goodnight.” She stared up at the Hispanic man, tears formed in her eyes as she tried to garner his sympathy meanwhile wondering where those damn federal agents were.

He showed her a small smile just as she squeezed her eyes shut, bracing for the inevitable eternal sleep. Just then, loud blaring of police siren filled the entire place as men in swat team uniform rushed in. Finally, she thought and was glad the needle had only just pierced her skin and nothing was injected. She grinned at the surprised Hispanic man. You boys will be in prison for a mighty long time for assaulting and kidnapping an undercover agent. 

I am participating in Finish It, a challenge where we are provided an opening and we are to finish the story. Thought it’d be fun to write one more story for the week.

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