A Hilarious Tale of Two Guys and a Girl

Today’s prompt: Three people walk into a bar . . .

We are to fill in the blank. This sounds a lot like an episode of “Undateable”. If you don’t know the show, it’s a sitcom and every single episode title is something walk into a bar. It’s super hilarious.

Okay, I’ll play. I need something to lighten my mood after I stayed up until almost midnight last night writing my novella. The ending was gut-wrenching to write. Literally, my stomach was wrenching the whole time. At last, I decided to leave the last two or three pages to be written later today. Is that really how it feels to kill a character? Hands shaking, stomach turning, choking on your own tears? It’s horrible. I’ve learned my lesson though and hopefully it’ll be better in the future.

So, back to the prompt, three people walk into a bar.large

Two guys and a girl. They wore similar outfits, The large guy on the left wore a checker-pattern shirt and boot-cut jeans along with a pair of worn tan leather boots and a gun in his holster, the blond-hair girl in the middle wore an ivory-color shirt tucked into her jeans while the lanky guy on the right wore a green shirt tucked neatly into his jeans.

Everyone stared as they made their way to the bar. Checker ordered a whiskey, Blondie ordered scotch, while Green ordered plain beer. She looked around the bar and asked in a high-pitched voice with a hillbilly accent. “What’s everyone staring at?”

“I reckon people ain’t seen no cowboy round here.” Checker said.

“Don’t you think we look out of time?” Green asked.

The bartender had been listening in on their conversation and raised his eyebrows. “Are you guys in a costume play or something?”

“What you talkin’ about?” Checker snapped defensively.

“Well, I just assume,” he looked them up and down, “y’all dressing like that.”

“Hee hoo this some strong scotch,” Blondie shrieked and turned to Checker. “Hey, he’s right.” She gave the bartender a quick glance out of the corner of her eyes. “The more I’m sittin’ here, the more uncomfortable I’m gettin’.” She turned her head slightly and glanced at the crowd behind them. All of them wore a leather jacket and had a bandanna wrapped around their heads and necks and then she gave the bartender another glance. He wore a black tight shirt with the word, “Rudy’s”, written just above his chest. “What is Rudy’s?” Blondie asked in a low voice.

“I reckon it’s the name of the bar. You reckon whatever the doc did worked?” Checker asked.

“Let’s find out.” Green said eagerly. “Excuse me, mister, what year is this?”

“2015.” The threesome stared at the bartender.

“Oh brother,” Green said, sipping his beer while shaking his head.

“We’re doomed.” Blondie said, her face landed splat on the table, hiccuping every few seconds.

Checker’s bar-stool was turned as he whistled through his teeth, “Check her out.”

10 thoughts on “A Hilarious Tale of Two Guys and a Girl

    • Nope, they’re time-travelers. Apparently there were scientists in the old west already and these three just happen to be the (un)lucky test subjects. 😀 Just a silly tale, I guess.


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