Finish It #17: Three Girls and a Cheater

Three people walked into a bar. They used to be friends. What happened next nobody will ever understand. Let’s just say that a fourth person was involved. Fact is that nothing will ever be the same again.

filepicker-8cSqYzHCSFOr1YDEN4Na_Six shots“Girls,” Jodie announced, chaining her arm around another arm, “I’d like you to meet my fiancee, Wyatt.”

“Wait, Wyatt?” Sadie said, surprised.


“You two know each other?” Jodie asked and unchained her arm immediately. Did they used to date? She wondered. Was she dating her co-worker’s ex? Eww, she thought feeling disgusted. She was dating someone else’s garbage.

Sadie crossed her arms. “Yeah, he’s my brother. Jodie, can I talk to you for a minute?” Sadie grabbed Jodie’s arm and pulled her toward the restroom, leaving their co-worker, Jennie, at the counter with Wyatt. “What the hell is wrong with you?” Sadie asked.


“Dating my brother.”

“Why not?”

“Uh because I know him and he’s a scumbag and a heart-breaker. Marrying him will just cause you pain and misery for the rest of your life.” Jodie crossed her arms and suddenly felt like her friend was doing her usual routine, driving doubts into people and controlling the situation.

“Okay, I know you’re my friend and only want what’s best for me, Sadie, but this is my life and my decision. Meeting Wyatt has been the best thing that’s ever happened to me and if you’re going to stop me from being happy, then we’re not friends.” Jodie said frankly.

“Fine, then we’re not friends and you can forget carpooling to work.” Sadie replied with clenched teeth.

They walked back into the bar. “Son of a bitch!” Jodie shrieked. There he was, wrapping his arms around her waist and moving dangerously downward while his lips were glued to Jennie’s. Jodie stormed toward them. “What the hell?”

“Told you,” Sadie muttered. Jodie ignored her.

They broke apart. “Jodie, Sadie, my favorite girls!” He sounded drunk.

“He kissed me!” Jennie said, terrified and high-pitched. She threw her hands up, “I was just minding my own business.”

“Yeah, it sure looked like it.” Jodie snapped and turned to the bartender, “Hit me.” The bartender obeyed. She downed the shot of tequila within a millisecond. She slammed the glass on the table, “again!” She said through clenched teeth. She downed it again and then pulled off her 10-carat diamond ring and threw it at Wyatt. “Go find another chick to fool. We’re through.” She said, strutting out the bar, twisting her hips as she walked, making the other men in the bar eyeing at her like a hungry wolf.

I am participating in Finish It, a challenge where we are provided an opening and we are to finish the story. Sorry for swearing, it was painful.

In the prompt, Author S B Mazing mentioned this was inspired by the daily prompt Fill in the blank. I also wrote for that prompt, to read my response, click the below link:

A Hilarious Tale of Two Guys and a Girl

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