Reflection: Broken Strands

It’s Saturday once again and you know what that means, reflection time. Reflection is a post I do on each Saturday to allow myself to reflect either on the current moment or on something entirely. Sometimes, when I have little to reflect on, I will share my past work.

This week happen to be it. It’s been a monotonous week and today, tired as I may be, I’m sitting in a classroom once again, burning my brain out with test prep questions. So I hope you will enjoy this short poem I wrote a few years ago along with a random picture.

It is a poem, or rather a song, about relationships. Essentially, you can call it a “Breakup Song”.


Broken Strands

I’ve got a part of you inside me
And it’s tearing apart my heart slowly
I want to understand, was it something I did
Or were we just not meant to be
Oh this can’t be happening

Oh I will never understand
Why you’re not here anymore
I will try to mend the broken strand
Even it may not be possible
Oh it can never be, I would never know

The answers lie within the heart of ours
I intend to find it even if it takes forever
You can let the hours pass us
But I just can’t take it anymore

Oh I intend to understand
Why you’re not here anymore
I am trying to mend the broken strand
Even if it’s not possible

Oh even if it takes my whole life
I will find it
I won’t give up the fight
Of having you stand next to me again
To have the broken strands together again

6 thoughts on “Reflection: Broken Strands

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