Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers: Hello Goodbye


Continued from last week’s story

Sharise’s grandmother sighed, “Your mother wasn’t always like this. When she first began to discover her powers, whenever I asked her to light or burn something, she hesitated. She saw life in everything and everyone. Then her power glitched. I don’t know how, she wouldn’t tell me so I took her to her favorite place, the aquarium, to try and coax the truth out of her.

There, she told me about how the girls teased her and called her a freak. So, in anger, she took their life force, killed them, and converted their energy to power. Once an individual’s life force has been taken, there’s no returning it. So I told her to give it to the earth, let it evaporate. She never did. Instead, she kept all that power and used it for some evil purpose. She got creative with the acquisition process too.”

“Grandmother?” Her grandmother’s neck stretched, eyes widened, gasping.

“Hello, mother, I told you not to get involved in my personal matters.” Sharise’s mother appeared suddenly before them, she grinned. “Hello Sharise, goodbye Sharise.”

(~175 Words)

To be Continued…

I am participating in Priceless Joy’s flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writer, where we write a piece between 100 and 150 words (more or less 25 words) in length inspired by the photo prompt above. 

In case you’ve missed the previous parts of this serial tale, you can read it by clicking each of the links below:

Part 1: Punishment for Defiance
Part 2: From Ocean to Park
Part 3: Gazebo Surprise
Part 4: Discovery
Part 5: Brothers

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