Monday’s Finish the Story: Play in Progress

2015-06-22-bw-beachamHey boys, how ’bout y’all makin’ yer Ma some wind chimes?” Larissa bursts into laughter.

“What?” Abbie asks.

“You said that funny and I’m pretty sure you’re not supposed to be twisting your body around when you say it.”

“Well, how about more helping me to nail this accent for this play and less laughing.”

Larissa rolls her eyes, “Fine,” she says with a grunt. “Y’all is pronounced Yaw and ’bout is pronounced like belt and Ma is Maw and the ‘e’ in hey also has a ‘i’ in it.” She holds up the sign for the partially completed wind chime, “Rednick Wind Chimes.”

“Got it.” Abbie says the line again. Larissa snickers. “Worse?”

Larissa shakes her head, “No, just that line makes me laugh. It’s hard to imagine you as a Southern cowbell.”

“Well, I will be once I’m in costume and make-up. You just stop laughing and get back to making that wind chime.” Abbie exhales, “It will be a fantastic play.”

(150 words)

Each week, Mondays Finish the Story challenges our minds by providing with a picture along with the first sentence for us to finish the flash fiction with 100 -150 words based on the picture above. 


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