Photo Challenge #66: The Private Eye

the_waiting_by_zemotion-d5w6iltHe stares back with wild eyes. I cannot be the scariest thing you’ve encountered, I shouldn’t be. I think.

Two days ago, my phone rang. “Hello?”

“Excuse me,” a woman spoke with shrieking voice, “but are you Alba Jenkins, the private eye?”

“Yes, this is Alba Jenkins. What can I do for you?”

“I’m suspecting my husband’s cheating and need you to look into that for me.”

Holding the phone between my ear and shoulder, I asked, “What’s his name?”

“Robert Samuels.”

“And you are?”

“Nina Samuels.”

“Alright, Ms. Samuels, I shall look into that for you. Good day.” I hung up the phone.

Last night, I tailed Robert to a club for the second night in a roll where he sat in a corner booth kissing a blonde on his lap. I hid inconspicuously in the booth across the room and waited for the girl to get up. When she did, I cornered her. “Hello,” I said. She turned and smiled. I smiled back but really, I was hacking into her thoughts.

Later that evening, I called Nina. “Her name is Sabrina.” Immediately, I could hear her place the phone on a table as she jumped, stomped, and screamed. “I never want to see him again, you hear me?” She screamed. I said calmly. “I understand how you must feel, Ms. Samuels but…” “No!” She screamed, “get rid of him.”

“That a bit drastic, isn’t it?”

“That’s one of your jobs, isn’t it?” She retorted. I was about to say, not really but she just snarled. “Just wipe that SOB from the face of the Earth!”

I bend down and meet Robert’s eyes. Stay still, I employ my telepathy. “What are you doing to me?” He stammers and squirms. I’m just doing what Nina asks and end your little miserable life. 

(~300 words)

Thanks to OnChi, I found this very cool Photo Prompt challenge. I hope you enjoy my take on this picture. 🙂

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