The Day After

111-07-july-5th-2015Bryn wakes with a pounding in her head. Oh my god, how I kill for an aspirin asap! She opens her eyes to the dark room. What time is it? 10:30 am. She rolls over and yelps, how did that happen, gesturing to the naked guy and peeks beneath the sheet, she was naked too. Exactly what happened last night?

Silently, she sits up, dresses in her clothes and goes to the hotel bathroom, splashes herself in the face with water and drinks some in the process, trying to quench her thirst but fails. She studies her face in the mirror. It must’d been a hell of a night. I look like a ghost. She climbs into the bathtub, leans her head against the wall, and shuts her eyes.


She was standing in front of the Waterfront Hotel, checking her watch, waiting for her date. Her dates have been tardy lately, ever since she began using that brand-new dating site. The site that guaranteed she’d be well-matched and her dates would be fantastic although the site spelled “Fangtastic”.

She inhaled. “Excuse me, madam,” She jumped as a gentleman in a suit and tie stepped before her. His jet black hair and blue eyes brought out the exact dreaminess she looked for and plus the English accent, he’s perfect. “Are you Bryn?”

“Aran?” He smiled. “Hi!”

“So are you ready? This is going to be a jolly night.”

And then, nothing, it’s as if she has amnesia. “Bryn?” She hears someone calls. Aran, the only name she can summon in her pounding head. He walks into the bathroom, a sheet wraps around his waist. “How are you feeling?” Bryn frowns, her head hurts of course. He brushes his hand against her cheek. “You’re going to be beautiful.”


8 thoughts on “The Day After

    1. This story was very hard to write. Took me several tries to get the flashback as well as the ending just right. And yes it must have been a hell of a night if she got turned into a vampire just by sleeping with the guy. Thank you for reading. 🙂

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