Finish It #23: Justice Served

She could hear them from far. Him of whom she thought would be her future husband and her. Her best friend. How could she! How could they. Slowly she approached the bedroom door, unsure if she wanted to open it and see what seemed so obvious. If she would walk out now she could pretend. Pretend it was just a dream. Pretend it was just her imagination. Go back to normal. But if she opened this door now and saw what she was expecting to see, there would be no return.


Quickly, she shook her head. There’s got to be a better, sweeter way to handle this. Her lips twisted into a sly grin. She pulled the ring from her finger and dropped it on the table and then she exited the apartment.


Darin popped his head out of the cover, sure he had just heard a squeak of the floor outside the room. “What’s wrong?” Heather asked.

“I thought I heard April,” he shook his head. “Maybe I’m just mistaken,” he glanced at Heather who, like him, was bare naked under the cover and frowned. “We shouldn’t be doing this.”

“What are you talking about?” Heather chuckled and kissed him but he pulled back.

“I’m marrying April, remember?”

“So?” Heather gingerly ran her fingers along Darin’s chest but he grabbed her hand. She frowned. “I thought we have a thing going here.”

Darin released her hand, sat up, picked his shirt off first the floor and shrugged it on and then his pants. “It just doesn’t feel right.”

“What do you mean?”

“Uh, I’m sleeping with my fiance’s best friend?”


“We can’t do this, okay?” Darin walked around the bed and picked up Heather’s clothes and handed them to her. “She’ll be home any minute. Just get dress and go.” Heather frowned, her face full of confusion. Darin exited the bedroom to give Heather some privacy. He proceeded down the hallway to the kitchen and stopped.

April’s engagement ring rested on the dining table. She must had been home and heard them. He groaned and was about to call Heather when there was a knock on the door. Four police officers stood on the other side of the door. “Darin Blake?”

“Yes, may I help you?”

An officer pulled out a handcuff while another two restrained his arms behind him. “You’re under arrest for the murder of April Fleming.”

“April? What are you talking about?”

“You have the right to remain silent…” the officer recited him the Miranda rights as they shoved him out the door, down the stairs and to the back of the police cruiser but he wasn’t listening. His head was spinning. Murdered? How can this be?

“Wait, you’ve got the wrong guy!” Heather rushed out of the building, shrieking. The officer pushed her back, saying something incomprehensible from inside the cruiser. Before long, the cruiser pulled away and Heather’s face became smaller and smaller.


“Did you really think he deserve that?” April’s partner, Trish, asked as they sat at the bar, drinking beer.

“Hey, serve him right, cheating on me. I mean the wedding’s next week and he’s sleeping with Heather. Can you believe him?”

“Yeah, but pretending to be murdered? Isn’t that going too far? What if he request to see the body?”

April shrugged. “I’m sure Will will think of something.”

“I still think it’s going too far.”

“Whose side are you on?”

“Yours, always but you do know you’ve just landing him in jail for a phony murder. I’m your partner and I know you’re hurt but this is going too far and I think you should fix it.”

April peeked sideways at Trish and drank the remainder bottle of beer. She groaned. “Fine!” Grumbling, she pulled out her phoned and dialed the precinct. “Hey, you know that guy you’ve just arrested? Put him in the holding cell for now. I’m coming to talk to him.” April hung up and hopped off the stool. “Well, wish me luck. Gotta go talk to a prisoner.” She said drunkenly and walked out of the bar.

I am participating in Finish It, a challenge where we are provided an opening and we are to finish the story.
All image credit: Flickr

12 thoughts on “Finish It #23: Justice Served

    1. Well, she wanted a sweet revenge, didn’t she? 😀
      In my opinion, I think there’s a 50/50 chance of working out that is if her police buddies help her. Ugh, I’ve been watching too many cop shows. 🙂 I’m glad you like the ending. Thanks for reading and the reblog.

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