Writing Prompt #116: Movie Pitch

collage-2I stand before a group of strict-looking execs, they aren’t smiling, just a bunch of grumpy faces staring back at me. I gulp, attempt to calm my pounding heart, as I set my poster board on the table. “The song starts with the singer walking toward the tree. It’s the spot where she had her first kiss with him. She leans against the trunk of the tree, looks up, closes her eyes, and reminisces on the things she had experienced with him.

The next scene begins and she’s running up to his house, banging on the door while her heart pounds, praying he hadn’t done something stupid. Desperate and frantic, she clenches her fists and looks like she’s going to cry if she doesn’t find him soon. She looks down and notices a key chain on the ground which reads, ‘I desire the things which will destroy me in the end’. She bends, picks the key chain, and squeezes it in her hand. Then she looks out at the tree in the yard and gasps as if she’s just realized something, and runs back to her truck.

The next scene begins with her driving around town looking for him. The next reminiscence begins with she and him standing on a field, it’s raining hard. She’s holding an umbrella. They gaze at each other. He tilts her chin and kisses her softly. The umbrella falls out of her hand, flies a little before landing a distance away.

The scene returns to the tree. She opens her eyes and smiles as she remembers running playfully along the path not far from his house. She’s wearing a floral pattern dress and black leggings and sneakers. He’s running not far behind her. She laughs and looks back.

At the same time, she remembers waking up to the sunlight and the sound of rocks hitting her window. She peeks out her floral pattern curtain and sees him standing there with a bouquet of wild flowers.

Final scene returns to the the tree. She gazes at the sunlight and then feels someone tapping on her shoulder. She spins around and sees him smiling. He holds up a key chain, similar to the one she discovered on his porch except it reads, ‘I desire the things which will redeem me in the end.’ They hug and the scene fades, the song ends.”

The execs neither clap nor speak. Feeling awkward, I bow and gather my poster board, I exit the room, cross my fingers as I join the others in the hall to wait for the verdict.

A response for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Writing Prompt #116

10 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #116: Movie Pitch

    1. Thank you. I’ve always want to pitch and direct a music video and this collage presents an image in my head. It might be an award-winning music video. 🙂


    1. Thanks, it took me forever to come up with that line for the keychain. A lot of drama, which is why it will make such great country music video. It might be an expensive one to shoot though. 🙂

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