Monday’s Finish the Story: The Brave Princess

2015-07-20-bw-beachamThe petroglyphs told the story of an unusual event, of an adventure-seeking Princess with a protective father. His reason: the world’s too dangerous for the Princess.

One day, she saw the opportunity when her father was called away by his general. She slipped her nanny a sleeping potion and rode out of the castle toward the woods.

Not long after, she arrived in a deserted-village. “All the villager’s been chased off by a mysterious creature, ma’am.” A shepherd informed her.

“And you’re not afraid of this creature?”

“No, ma’am. I am a warrior.” The Princess arched her brow while thinking of ways to seek out the creature to prove her bravery to her father . Before she could say another word, a howl broke through. “There it is!” The shepherd’s voice quivered as he ran away with his sheep.

“I am not afraid.” The Princess said. Gripping her sword tight in her hand, she was ready to take on the ferocious-beast. A wolf-like creature with red eyes emerged from the trees but as it approached the Princess, she realized what made the creature so frightening, it was a shapeshifter and it had just shifted into the thing she feared most. “Father.”

Each week, Mondays Finish the Story challenges our minds by providing with a picture along with the first sentence for us to finish the flash fiction with 100 -150 words based on the picture above.


26 thoughts on “Monday’s Finish the Story: The Brave Princess

    • The shape shifter in the story shifts into something a person fears most and apparently, it’s her father who she fears most. Maybe it will teach her to be more obedient.

      Thanks for reading and presenting this prompt. It was a bit of a challenge coming up with a story this week and it was the fun kind of challenge. 🙂 Looking forward to the prompt next week. See you then.

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    • I think it’s got something to do with the prompt and its opening line. Yes, it would make a great moral tale centered around the themes disobedience and bravery. Thank you for reading.


    • Her father isn’t the shape-shifter but it’s definitely the thing she fears and he’s definitely looking out for her, that’s why he didn’t want her wandering outside the castle. Thank you for reading.


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