Finish It #24: Daydream

He was caressing her beautiful soft and warm skin, kissing her on her neck while inhaling the fragrance of her hair. The sun was shining, warming his back and when he looked in her eyes he could see the reflection of the few clouds above.

Hanover_Institute_Inorganic_Chemisty_Lecture_Hall“Mr Falkner!”

The voice forced him back to reality.

“Yes?” he managed to actually answer.

“Mr Falkner! I asked you what your take of this subject is!” She glanced at him, waiting for her student to finally answer her question.

He looked at his professor, trying hard to remember what she was talking about before he drifted off into his dreamworld where they were so much closer than in real life.

He stared hard at the board, trying to determine the subject the professor was talking about while his heart raced. Boom boom boom. You’re nineteen and she’s like thirty-something, for Christ sake, he chided at himself. He swallowed hard. “Uh, I would, uh, say it would be a bad idea for the characters to move forward.” Snickers exploded quietly in the back.

Professor Rose coughed, silencing the laughter as Colin once again swallowed hard and stared straight. “Uh, right.” Professor Rose gave Colin a glance of irritation and frustration and cleared her throat, “Right, well, you know your assignments. They are written in your syllabus and I expect all your papers stacked nicely on this table before class Monday morning. Have a great weekend.”

Colin gathered his things and was following the crowd when he heard Professor Rose call his name. “Mr. Falkner, may I have a word?” Colin made his way down the steps to the front of the room. “Walk with me?” Professor Rose gathered her bag and together, they exited the lecture hall through the other door.

They crossed the courtyard without speaking a word and neither said a thing until Professor Rose shut the door to her office. “Well?” Colin didn’t respond. “What happen there?” Professor Rose placed her bag on her desk, leaned against it, and crossed her arms.

“I-I’m sorry?” Colin stammered.

Professor Rose looked out the window and chuckled. “You completely blew my question. That’s the third time this week. You’re my brightest student. I want to know what happened?”

Colin scratched the back of his head. His heart was pounding again. Oh god, her eyes, those gorgeous chocolate brown eyes and that honey color hair, what do I tell her? What do I say? He gulped, “I, uh, I…”

“You were daydreaming?” She creased her forehead and smiled. “Okay, what about?” Colin was officially tongue-tied.

Unaware, he dropped his things and took a step forward. He paused and then another step and another until he was inches from the professor and then he softly caressed her cheeks. She didn’t pull away or slap him. She just went with it. Is this really happening? Colin wondered as he lowered his head and kissed her.

She moaned as the kissing became intense and before long, she was sitting on the desk. “Is this real?” Colin gasped.

“Is what real?” He blinked and realized that neither he nor the professor had moved an inch. Damn it, it was all a dream. I gotta stop doing that. “Mm?” Professor Rose inquired.

Colin shook his head. “I’m sorry. I, uh, just got a bit distracted. It won’t happen again.” Embarrassed, he said quickly and bolted from the office.

I am participating in Finish It, a challenge where we are provided an opening and we are to finish the story.

7 thoughts on “Finish It #24: Daydream

  1. I loved where you went with this. He was fantasizing, then he wasn’t and then OMG his fantasy was really happening — I totally bought it! — and then it was just another fantasy. Very cool, story. Excellent job! You’ve earned yourself a new follower 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much. I enjoyed writing this especially the end when I was laughing so hard that my hands were shaking. It’s a joy when the character thinks it’s real but it turns out to be just another fantasy. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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