Picture it and Write: The Witch and the Dragon

hidden-wizard“Take that, you damn dragon!” With a wave of her hand, the young witch shot a spell at the dragon. It hit the dragon squarely on the chest, sending it backward and gave the witch just a few seconds to catch her breath.

Within the last ten minutes, the young witch had been battling the dragon through three dimension. Currently, they’re in the shadow dimension which was difficult since they must be stuck to the walls and everything is in two dimensions, making it tougher for the witch to dodge the dragon’s flames. She just thought it’d be better than fighting in the real world where normal people could see them.

She’s a good witch, you see even though not everyone sees her as good. Some people are just ignorant, in her opinion. Just because her mother’s evil doesn’t make her evil. She wants to protect people from getting killed or hurt. That’s why she preferred to fight somewhere away from ordinary people because if people discovered witches and dragons and dwarfs exist, they will either persecute them or use them only to their advantages. So it’d be best to stay away from the normal population.

She ducked, narrowly missed the dragon’s flame even though the tip of her hat caught on fire. “Damn it mother, I don’t have time to tame all your stupid beasts.” The dragon heard that, sucked in a huge breath, and released a large fireball in her direction. “Oops.” Desperately, she waved her wand and landed alone back in her own dimension.

The young witch sighed a breath of relief. “Hey, where’s my dragon?” The person standing before her asked. She recognized the person’s feet. She gulped before looking up to find her mother looking down angrily upon her. It’s now or never, she told herself before standing up.

“That is it!” She said. “I’m not your animal trainer nor your secretary. You know what, I’m not even your daughter anymore because I quit!”

You can’t do that.”

“Oh yeah, watch me.” She spun around and walked out of her mother’s castle with her head held high, muttering. “I should’ve done it a long time ago.”

A response to Picture it & Write.

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