Monday’s Finish the Story: Eye in the Wall

2015-08-17-c2a9-2015-barbara-w-beacham“I see absolutely everything.” Jimmy says in an awestruck voice.

Stevie scoffs, “Yeah, right, dude. It’s just an eye in the wall.”

“No it’s not. It’s a mini-cam and it’s gonna keep a watch on this place, at least until those dudes fix the place up.”

“I don’t believe you dude.” Stevie scoffs again, “like one teeny-tiny camera’s gonna do the job. You’re nuts!”

“Stevo, are you really that stupid thinking I only installed one camera in this gigantic 12,000-square-foot abandoned mansion? No, I installed ten cameras.” Jimmy shoves ten fingers in Stevie’s face who rolls his eyes.

“Yeah yeah,” Stevie pushes a button on the keyboard. “Now let’s see what we’ve got.”

…and they keep watch all night until Jimmy falls asleep, then Stevie but not for long because… “Boo!”

“Ahhh!!!” The boys scream as they run out Scooby-and-Shaggy-style.

“That’s fun, let’s do it again!” Jimmy’s mom says to Stevie’s dad, laughing uncontrollably.

(~150 words)

Each week, Mondays Finish the Story challenges our minds by providing with a picture along with the first sentence for us to finish the flash fiction with 100 -150 words based on the picture above.


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