Writing Prompt #121: Careless

kenopsiaNote: Before you read this, just be warn, I usually write stories, not poems. I’m not a poetry kind of person and this might probably be one of the worst poems you’ve ever read, not that I’m putting myself down, but seriously, I don’t write poetry but I’m actually feeling too lazy to write an actually story today. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Black dress, leather boots, I drive down the road

Next to me is a bag and a note

The note was found clip attached to the car while the bag was piled against my windowsill

I get out of the car, the city is unusually still

The streetlights above are trailing like a spotlight

Behind me are the gleams of my car’s blinding headlights

I stop, look around at the nighttime scenery

From the inner pocket of my jacket, I pull out your note and grin

Oh how you love to quote

Shakespeare and other folks

I’ll pull out a lighter and set it aflame

And perhaps send the ashes in an envelope of shame

I am dropping your things here

Favorite shirts and teddy bear

I do not care

Life is just that unfair

Until we meet again, in afterlife or alternate circumstance

I shall leave you now without a backward glance

A response for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Writing Prompt #121

13 thoughts on “Writing Prompt #121: Careless

  1. it matters not what anyone thinks of what you wrote……..what matters is that you wrote it and thought it good enough to share….and that makes all the difference…..thank you for sharing….you did great! Hugs

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    1. I was kind of torn between publishing it and rewrite it into a story but then it’ll take a long time. So I just said, what the heck. So you can say Careless is exactly how I felt at the moment. 🙂 Thank you for reading.


  2. This was a poem and story in one,the beginning started out more as a story which really set the scene, allowed us to visualize the character and in the end when you moved into the emotional aspects (which you conveyed beautifully) the poetry took hold. I am just the opposite I write more poetry than stories so I have a hard time with those concrete, chronological details.

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    1. After I wrote this piece, I went back and looked at it several times. I think this is visualization more than anything. I just wrote it according to the images projected in my head. My head is like a satellite. 😀 Thank you for reading.

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