Writing Prompt #122: Dove or Raven

collage-5Continue from Dove and Raven

I lifted my left hand to summon my best friend, Luther. He had played a fine version of me taunting my sister Dove. I cannot allow her to see me because if she did, she’ll know I’m real.

Angels have the ability to communicate mentally, even to humans. I find it’s a good way to play with human which is something I bet my dear sister will never do because she’s too good and too caring of others’ feelings. I, on the other hand, care in the least bit.

Luther landed on my wrist, he glanced curiously around. I stroked his sleek black body as his out-of-breath voice broadcast in my mind. “Her trial is tomorrow and according to the law, thieving is punishable by death.”

“Good, good,” I said slowly. I should be happy. The king would do all the dirty work for me, I wouldn’t even have to lift a finger. Yet, I felt angry, frustrated, and irritated.

With Luther on my hand, we strolled across the field to the strange-looking tree. I have been studying the tree for days and weeks and still, I couldn’t figure out why the shape looked so familiar. I sighed and allowed Luther to fly to the highest branch while I lie down on the field. Why am I not happy?


I watched the sun rise the next morning through the only window in this dingy graffiti-riddled cell. A guard came and told me a while ago that my hearing is today, that I should get ready. “You’ll be fine,” I told myself repeatedly. “They have no proof and you’re definitely innocent.”

I heard approaching footstep and before long, the same guard entered the cell. “Time to go,” he said and clasped a pair of handcuffs onto my wrists. As he led me out of the cell, I glanced at the graffiti cell wall once more, the phrase, “She’s mad but she’s magic,” stuck out among the other scribbles. That’s what Raven is, I thought.

He led me to the palace, the corridors are filled with priceless art and a variety of one of a kind bottles. The large ornamental double doors swung open and the court appeared before me. The guard pressed on my shoulder, forcing me to kneel. “How do you plead?” The king asked in a lazy voice.

“Not guilty.” I spoke in a steady voice.

The king leaned over his golden desk and stared at me with a raised eyebrow. “Are you sure about that?”

“Yes, I am sure. I did not do it. It was my sister, Raven. We are twins.”

The king sat back in his throne, glanced over the stack of papers on the desk. “And where is this sister of yours?”

“I-I don’t know. I-I have never seen her.”

The king sputtered a laugh and then his laugh grew louder and louder. “Then how do you she exists?”

“I just know, I have a hunch.” He stopped laughing and peered at me through his round spectacles. Everyone knows that an angel’s hunch wasn’t something to be questioned. Angels are known prophets, if they have a suspicion, it’ll mostly likely come true.

“Alright, apprehend that sister of yours and I’ll clear your charges. It’s you or her, your choice.”


I’m sitting beneath a large tree, watching a balloon fly by. Luther should’ve been back by now and I should feel Dove’s death but I feel nothing. I sighed and that’s when I heard, “Mistress Raven, Mistress Raven, she’s coming for you. She’s coming for you.”

A response for MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Writing Prompt #122

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