Sunday Photo Fiction: The Consequence

120-09-september-6th-2015Note: This is a fantasy that’s been stuck in my head forever, ever since a few years ago when I started obsessing with the supernatural world. Before you ask, yes, my step-father drove a truck and yes, the narrator is me but none of the events happened in the story. THIS IS 100% FICTION!!!

This isn’t the complete story by the way. I will be posting that soon. Stay Tune!


I thought my step-father was kidding when he invited me to spend the summer with him on his truck. He drives truck for a living and is often an incredibly lonely job, all by himself on the road with no one to talk to, no radio to listen to, all there is to hear is the wind howling pass and the sound of tires tumbling on the road.

I didn’t want to go but after much pleading by my step-father, I felt obliged and I am now facing the consequences.

Two years ago, I had the worst seizure in history and my parents brought me into the ER. I had epilepsy, you see. I say had because I don’t have it anymore, thanks to a miracle ER doctor who injected me with some foreign liquid. In simpler terms, something happened and I now crave blood which is the current consequence.

We’re in the middle of the desert. There’s nothing for miles, just sand and tumbleweed. There is no one in this place except us. My step-father complains about thieves skulking at night, where are they now? I crutch the door handle. My mouth is bone dry. I need a drink. I glance at my step-father, asleep in the back. Just one sip, he wouldn’t mind, would he?

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