Sunday Photo Fiction: The Green Gem

121-09-september-13th-2015Note: No matter how I yearn for this situation to come true, this remains 100% fiction. 

A clay statue of the wicked witch stands in front of me, on the other side of the bright green gem. On her palms is a sign with red ornate text that reads, “Warning: Hypnotic. Do NOT stare!” I scoff, yeah right, I think.

I’ve been trying to hypnotize myself to make myself smarter for weeks and yet it’s never worked. So I doubt staring at this stupid gem will do the trick. I give the gem a quick glance, five seconds at most and take a step away but out of nowhere comes this wicked voice, “come back, my dear.” I pause, my leg freezes mid-step. I turn my head and suddenly see the head of the wicked witch turn and she is staring at me.

She laughs, “Yes, my dear. I’m talking to you. You stared at the stone for five seconds and therefore, you’re now my slave. You’ll do what I say.”

What? I’d never agreed to that, I want to say but find myself tongue-tied. Instead, these words escape my lips, “What can I do for you, master?”

She laughs again, “You will free me, child. All you have to do is remove the stone and I’ll be free.”

As if time has slow down, my hand moves slowly to the gem when I hear a cough beside me. “Are you going to move along?” I look around like I’ve been asleep the whole time. My best friend, Carla, places her hands on my shoulders, pushing me along.

I groan quietly. Oh, man, I was so hoping that was true. I could free the witch and she can give me a job or something. I sigh, oh well. 

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11 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Green Gem

  1. I am glad there is a twist as despite her disappointment, long term, she probably will not like the thought of being someone’s slave. Very good story!

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    1. I think you’re right but at the same time, I think she’s the kind of person that’s capable of changing somebody, say a witch. Maybe she’ll turn the witch into a good witch. Thank you for reading.


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