Sunday Photo Fiction: The Girl in Red

122-09-september-20th-2015Her dress billowed as she twirled and danced aimlessly in the middle of the busy New York street. Cars and taxis drivers dangerously swerved to miss her and then loudly swore out of their window while looking at her peculiarly from their mirrors. She closed her eyes and lifted her head to the sky with spread her arms wide open.

An exhausted taxi driver yawned. He closed his eyes for a second and didn’t notice her. When he opened his eyes again, he was startled by the loud bang. A blond-haired girl in a red dress and ruby heels had rolled off the hood of his cab onto the ground.

Hand shaking and heart pounding, he put the cab in park and got out. The girl’s legs were awkwardly bent and her eyes were closed, she was dead. His eyes moved to her hands. Her right arm was straight at her side while her left arm was stretched. The palm was full of puncture marks and in the center of her palm was a rose bud with the shortest stem full of thorns.

(>200 words)

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Photo Fiction: The Girl in Red

  1. How sad that the taxi ran into her and killed her. I wonder why she was holding a short stemmed rose with thorns? With the ruby shoes I almost thought he killed Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. LOL! (I’m glad it wasn’t her). Great story Yinglan!

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