Photo Challenge #80: Not Alone

ade_santora_03She stood at the edge of the lake, taking in the scenery around her, and inhaled. You are not alone. You are alone, she repeated. All these people are here for you. They are all here to celebrate your birthday. 

She turned toward the picnic area. Everyone was consumed in conversations and barely paying attention to the food. They don’t think I’m a part of the family just because I’m adopted. She thought sadly and shook her head. You can’t think this way.

A bird landed by her feet. It looked around until its eyes landed on her. Slowly, she got down and laid her hand on the gravel, index finger toward the bird. As if it knew her, the bird jumped on her finger. “I wish I am you sometimes, to venture the world, to just rest somewhere before leaving for another adventure.”

She gazed at the sky. “Oh it looks like your family is waiting for you.” The bird looked at her. “Don’t worry about me. I’ll be fine.” She smiled and raised her hand to the sky, the bird took off. As it flew away, she smiled. I feel alone but I’ll be fine.

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge.

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