Sunday Photo Fiction: The Night Before…

125-10-october-11th-2015Note: This is 100% fiction!

I can hear the gravel crushing beneath as the tires roll along the seemingly unpaved road. I open my eye just a slit to have a peek only to shut just a second later. Why is the sun’s ray so intense? Where am I? What day is this? What happened…

A loud ping interrupt my thought as I suddenly find myself airborne. It must had hit a large rock or something, I think as I land on a hot metal surface. I am on a truck bed, I realize and by the temptation of my body wanting to slide downward, it must be heading uphill, up a mountain perhaps. It would also explain the intense sun rays.

Why am I being taken into the mountains? 

Reluctantly, I open my eyes and glance down at my body, trying to look for some kind of clue. My white blouse, what happened to my silk blouse?! I wonder. It’s an expensive blouse and now it is ruined by a red stain. Wait the minute, my eyes open wide, the red stain, blood and I remember, the gun, the bang, the fall, everything but more importantly, how am I still alive?

(<200 words)

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