Photo Challenge #82: Blind Date

broad_bordered_bee_hawk_moth_5802“How was your ‘blind’ date?” Sean asked. Kyle grimaced. “That bad, huh?” 

“Actually, it wasn’t that bad. This one’s just have a weird habit.”

“Weird? In what way?”

“She likes to talk to animals.” Kyle said.

Sean frowned. “What kind of animals?” He put a hand up. “Wait, walk me through the date.”

“Okay, so we were strolling around Central Park. You know, it was a beautiful afternoon and I thought, why not, then we can grab some dinner afterwards. We approached these shrubs and suddenly she saw this big ass bee and was like, ‘Well, hello, Mr. Bee. How are you today? Oh you’re such diligent workers!'”

“Ooh, did she say it in a cute adorable puppy voice?” Sean asked.

“Exactly! That was the way she said it. Anyway, we continued our stroll and the next thing we encountered was the horse carriage and you know what she did?”

Sean clapped his hands, “She petted the horse and said, ‘Who’s the cutest horse? You are, oh yes, you are.'”

“How do you know that?”

Sean shrugged, “Because I went out with someone exactly like that.” He paused, “Wait, was your mystery woman named Shauna?”

“Yeah,” Kyle answered slowly. Sean slapped his forehead. “What?” He gasped, “Oh, please don’t tell me. Either she works here too or you’ve dated her.” His eyes widened, “It’s the first one, please tell me it’s the first one.”

“It’s actually both and, um…”

Kyle’s eyes grew even bigger, “She’s standing right behind me, isn’t she?” Slowly, Sean nodded and even more slowly, Kyle turned his head to see Shauna standing inches behind him.

“So that’s how you boys think of me? That I’m weird?” She said in her usual high-pitch voice. “You know what, I don’t need any of you. The food wasn’t that great anyway.”

“Shauna,” Kyle said in an exasperated voice, “don’t be like that, come on! I didn’t know!” He tried to grab her hand but she yanked it away and like that, she stomped out of the break room, leaving Kyle standing there with his jaw hanging.

Sean clapped a hand on Kyle’s shoulder and said sympathetically, “It was a good lesson learned.”

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge.

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