Flash Fiction: Jenny’s Tray Snatcher

Intro: This was my first-ever flash fiction. First published on my other blog, Hidden Stars, on 4/10/2014, I unpublished it after transferring to this one. This version has been edited and it’s slightly different from the other. I’ve decided to edit the story to make it become more comical and post it as the Day 16 assignment of Writing 101.

Sometimes a little daydreaming can make your ordinary day extraordinary…

Pirate_Champs_Cafe_2Jenny sits at her usual lunch table with her friends Mandy and Elliot.  She is bored out of her mind.  It’s the last week of school and finals are already finished.  What are we doing here? She wonders. We are not allowed to hang out with friends and all we do is sit in a classroom period after period, watching some boring old movie.  She stirs her mashed potatoes with her spork.  It’s getting watery, she pinched her face and pushes it away.

Out of nowhere come two hands and snatches her tray away from her.  “Hey, give it back, you doof!” She shouts.

The tray thief runs toward the door while Jenny goes after, running on the table. Students frantically pick up their trays to avoid getting splashed with mashed potatoes. At the end of the table, Jenny does a back-flip and lands before the thief. She lowers her head and glares at the thief. “Nobody takes my tray.” She says in a low voice. The thief stares before attempting to run around her.


Jenny karate-chops the thief at incredible speed and with strength she never knew she possessed. Several moments later, knowing he has no choice, the thief drops the tray and runs for his life.

The entire cafeteria fills with applause and cheers, “Jenny, Jenny, Jenny!” A group of guys even lifts Jenny over their heads and parades her around the cafeteria.

“Jen, Jen, hello?” There is suddenly snapping and Jenny feels wind in her face.  “What is your elbow doing in the peas?” Jenny shakes her head.  What? Her mental voice screams. I’ve been daydreaming this whole time?

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