The Great Mistakes

image by Anne Worner “Peace” CC BY-SA 2.0

image by Anne Worner “Peace” CC BY-SA 2.0

Continued from “The Shadow“…

No one will ever know she’s the mannequin behind the glass, posing so still and steady and no one is going to find out. 

You know why? Because her killers had gone out of their way to wipe their traces, by killing everyone she had ever known and massacring her entire neighborhood not to mention they had doused her corpse with enough chemicals to make her skin and face look plastic and unrecognizable even to the police’s most advanced facial recognition software.

But like all crime-solving dramas, it’s always the killers who make the grave mistake. Here, they had forgotten one very important person, her husband.

Two years ago, she forced her husband to sign their divorce documents. He became devastated and turned to drugs. Everyday, he hid in a motel room and pumped himself with heroin. A month later, he overdosed and no one could save him. Although they were divorced, she still attended his funeral. She still cried as she threw a bunch of roses into his grave but at the same time, she was happy for him. After all, he was in a happy place.

She was ready to move on, that was until he showed up at her door almost nine months ago. It scared her half to death. As she calmed, he explained that he too thought he was dead but was given a second chance. “There was nothing in the coffin, I promise.” He told her.

“Then why did they hold a funeral if you didn’t die?” She asked and it turned out no one knew other than her.

“Because I’m still in love with you.” He said and went on with his explanation. It turned out he had been working under an alias and no one had a clue.

So when he arrived home last night after a month-long business trip and found his not-so-ex-wife missing and the whole neighborhood pitch black, he panicked and phoned the police. He’s searching and sooner or later, he will find her and when he does, he will recognize her because you know why?

Because like all great crime-solving drama, the killers had made another mistake. Birthmarks and scars can never go away, no matter with how much chemical.

A response to MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie’s Photo Challenge and Tale Weaver.

5 thoughts on “The Great Mistakes

  1. thanks for sharing your thoughts in response to the photo prompt 🙂 And interesting Tale weaving as well!

    Definitely a good follow up to “shadows” … gritty and atmospheric … and you’ve played so well with the image … incorporating it into a fantasy dark mystery.

    Cheers ~ Pat

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  2. Wow — this is turning into a fantastic film noir story. I just left some delayed comments on the first “chapter” and you are really weaving an intricate and sly tale.
    Maybe another mmlm prompt will reveal the placement of her birthmark, and more hints at why she had to die.
    Looking forward to Chapter 3!
    Thanks for visiting our tale weaver garden and sharing your story.

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