Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: The Breakup


“It seemed a good idea at the time?” Tyler said, slamming his hands on the table. “Are you kidding me? We have no job, no money, living in a converted garage borrowing electricity, food, and water. So tell me, what part of having your girlfriend move in for free seem like a good idea?” Darwin ducked his head and Tyler took two steps back, bumping his head against the light bulb in the process. “I’m sorry, buddy.” He apologized a few deep breaths later, “I don’t mean to yell at you. It’s just we are both smart people and when I decided to partner up with you, I thought we’d make something of ourselves.” Darwin looked as though he’s about to say something but Tyler continued, “I’m sorry. I-I just need some air.”

Ten seconds after Tyler stepped out of the garage, Darwin shakily pulled out his phone and dialed Sandra’s number. It went to voicemail. Darwin swallowed. “Sandra, this is Darwin. I am sorry but I think we should stop seeing each other.”

(166 words)

This is a response for Roger Shipp’s new flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner. We are given the beginning of the sentence and we are to finish the story. 

13 thoughts on “Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: The Breakup

  1. Breaking up my voicemail… not too classy! But then moving into a garage with two roommates- no jobs- and no electricity (etc)… Maybe she does no ‘classy’ anyway?
    (But they could just be momentarily down on their luck- and actually hard-workin’ chaps????)

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