Sunday Photo Fiction: Daydream


“Welcome to my ranch!” She said excitingly as she showed him around. “Here you can see my newly renovated stable and this is,” she pulled out a perfectly groom white horse, “Gypsy.”

“Wow,” he said, “impressive,” he glanced around the stable, “and you did all this?”

“Of course,” she climbed onto Gypsy and patted behind her, “come on, get on.”

He stared with wide eyes, “you know how to ride too?”

She rolled her eyes, “It’s not that hard. It’s just like learning to ride a bike.” She patted behind her again, “Are you getting on or what?” He rolled his eyes and climbed on. The horse wobbled under the sudden extra weight but it adapted quick as they rode out of the stable to the field. The walk turned into a run and soon their landscape changed into a wild flower scattered green field.

The horse came to a complete stop. “All right,” he said, “ready to go back to work?”

She scoffed, “I don’t have to work.”

“Then who’s going to finish painting the stable?”

“But the stable’s all fixed.”

He scoffed. “In your dreams.” She frowned and blinked. It was really a dream? Aww…

(197 words)

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