Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner: Conscience


“I can’t wait to show you my place,” Luke said to Hayley at the bar. 

She smiled and touched his hand. “Dude, do you really think this is a good idea?” Startled, Luke turned. “Over here.” Standing not five steps from him was someone who looked exactly like him. He was even wearing the same sleek suit as him.

“Excuse me.” He apologized to Hayley and made a bee-line to the restroom. “Who the hell are you?”

“I’m your conscience, what else?” His conscience chuckled. “Are you sure it’s a good idea to bring her back there?” Luke frowned. “Let me re-iterate this slowly, she’s not ready.”

“Not ready for what?”

“Hello, there’s a deer head hanging in your living room! Girls don’t like those things. They’ll freak out and leave.”

“And you know this how?” His conscience huffed and shook his head. “Oh, I’m taking her back and you can’t stop me.” He exited the restroom and made his way back to Hayley. “So you ready?”

It was dark when they arrived. He turned on the lights and the first thing he saw was the deer’s head. “You lookin’ at me?” It said.

Luke sighed, “Great.” His conscience got to him.

(~200 words)

This is a response for Roger Shipp’s new flash fiction challenge, Flash Fiction For the Purposeful Practitioner. We are given the beginning of the sentence and we are to finish the story. 

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