The Foreshadower Ep. #4: The Mission

Welcome to the fourth episode of The Foreshadower, an episodic comic book adventure about Olivia Jones. Sorry about last week, I was battling three midterms, work, and a severe dose of panic and anxiety that I did not have time to do the fourth episode. So I sure hope you didn’t think the adventure was over.

Synopsis: Olivia Jones has always told she has psychic abilities, that she could somehow see the future. The question is: can she save herself from what’s coming?

The Foreshadower Ep. 4

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In case you missed previous episodes:

  1. The Origin
  2. Rude Awakening
  3. The Gift

21 thoughts on “The Foreshadower Ep. #4: The Mission

      1. It was a 1971 Doctor Who serial. The fifth episode ends with the army claiming back a prison where the prisoners rioted and took over. Knowing the game is up the ring leader intends to use the Doctor and Jo as hostages. The Doctor attempts to overpower him but fails. Mailer draws his gun and the episode ends with a close of a gun being fired. Next episode we discover the gun belongs to the Brigadier and he shot Mailer. It is a bit of a cop out really

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