Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Weather

The past few weeks, it’s not been pretty here. Fog, haze, and gray skies, everyday not to mention the horrible air quality. Typical Utah winter.

It makes me dread going out. That’s why I haven’t had any new pictures. I should really carry a camera with me to school now that I don’t have my tablet. There might be a situation that prompt the use of a camera and besides, I’ve been missing out on some breath-taking landscape.

For this week’s Black and White Challenge, I will present a few pictures where I was lucky to capture some weather scenes as in you can actually see the snow coming down. Hope you’ll enjoy.

DSCF1285 (bw)

May I remind you this was taken during a very big storm and that day, I trudged through ankle-deep snow to work.

DSCF1288 (bw)

The roads were a mess and I hate walking through that slush. It’s makes my boots heavy and when it’s heavy, it’ll feel like I’m dragging a ton of bricks beneath me.

DSCF1292 (bw)

This was minutes after I arrived at work. You can see it’s really coming down.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Seasons

7 thoughts on “Cee’s Black and White Challenge: Weather

  1. I love the first picture of the tree with all the snow piles on all of the branches! Yes you should definitely carry your camera with you if you can, you never know what photo opportunity may present itself! 🙂

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