Six Sentence Stories: Casualty


The lights brighten and darken as she drifts between consciousness; she hears anxious voices shouting all around her.

Ever since she can remember, her parents didn’t get along, their arguments had always began and ended subtly, often settled within the day, that is until the recent months when the arguments seemed escalated. Her father began throwing furniture at the wall and on several occasions, her mother had to duck so low just to avoid the blow.

Today, there was another argument, who knows what for; immediately, she went to look for her younger brother, to urge him back into his room but when she found him, he was standing in the hallway outside his room. “Sammy, what are you doing?” she scolded just as her father stalked around the corner carrying a leg of a broken chair in his hand. “Duck, Sammy!” she shouted, wrapping her arms around her brother as her father swore and threw the chair leg in her direction.

I am taking part in a Six Sentence Story Challenge. The prompt is “Duck”.

Image Credit: Google Image

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